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Filipova Hut

Filipova Hut c.p. 73, 341 94 posta Kasperske Hory - Srni;
phone: +420 607 146 808; chata-fram@woodcraft.cz

It is always nice to be there. It does not matter if in summer or in winter. Through the window you can observe a large plateau in the Šumava mountains. There is a narrow road leading across the plateau. Only a few cottages are scattered along the road and around. They belong to the place naturally.

I am talking about the Kapka mountain hut used by the Woodcraft League of the Czech Republic for its members. At the same time it is a tourist hostel and so anybody can stay there. The name of the hut - Kapka - is an official name given to it by the previous owner. The people from the League somehow did not accept it. We use a nickname FILIPKA. We like to say: We were in Filipka and we had a lovely time there. We are going cross country skiing to Filipka and we are looking forward to it. This way we talk about it. It is because the hut is situated at the edge of Filipova Huť which is the settlement on the highest level above sea in the Czech Republic.

The geographical position seems to be almost ideal. Anyone can make walking, cycling or skiing trips more or less demanding to all directions. In a while you can reach Horská Kvilda village or Modrava village. Roklanský stream or Rybárna settlement and Tříjezerní bog, Javoří pila or Poledník hill or Oblík hill are the places which are a bit longer way to hike. Another route you can choose is the way to Lovčí skála, Ptačí nádrž or Březník. These all are lovely places in the woods. The Vltava River spring is an extraordinary place to see. It is a nature reserve. These are only a few examples. Via Kvilda, where people can find good conditions for downhill skiing, you can reach other places of a particular beauty after you had seen the surroundings of Filipova Huť. Similarly you can travel through the Modrava village further on to the Vydra river or the Srní village or the Rejštejn village. It is not very demanding to cycle as far as the Prášily village to the Křemelná river valley or even further to the Dobrá voda settlement and the region of the Hartmanice village.

In the hut there are fairly good conditions for both individuals and families. Since it is a tourist hostel people are used to provide catering and cleaning and tidying for themselves. You have to book your stay in advance at the janitor.

It is sometimes very melancholic to be out there in the summer morning. Resine from pines and spruces smells so nice and red waters of bog rivulets sing so lovely in the woods. The tiny places in the forests are so quiet and help to cure and clean your moods. There is always enough snow in winter and not so many people in the ski tracks.

Come and see Filipka! You will not feel sorry for the decision!

Martin Kupka - Logan