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About us » The Buffalo Wind » Vol. 2000
Individual issues


Issue contents:

What I don't like - thought about Temelin (nuclear power plant)
They wear an Honour band - new tribe in Havlickuv Brodu
Ecology - thought about ecofanatism
Mode - batik
Iron man - really rough sport
About nature - linden; peat-bog, moor and swamp
Easter eggs - how to make a wonderful easter egg
Grey Owl - story about one Indian
Hau Kola (indian craftwork) - making a bow
Masketonituka He (for women) - leather turtles
Native nations - african wedding
Leather craftmanship - hemming with leather string
Place of pilgrimage - The Fudji Mountain
Not everybody has to travel there - ancient caves in france
Call of the distance - J. M. Bauer: How far will my feet take me
Ceremonies - Blackfoot ceremonial bags
Deeds - 'beed' coups and deeds for the 'Elf lodge'
Poetry - poetry pleasant for your heart
Review - book: Woodcraft (Libor Pecha)
For clever heads - rebuses and conundrums not only for children
The 'Lazy fellows' - cartoon's comic
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