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About us » The Buffalo Wind » Vol. 1998
Individual issues


Issue contents:

What I don't like - by Tokaheya and Ablakela
They wear an Honour band - interview with Willy
Life in the tribe - what to do in June, July an August
Lassoing - how to use a lasso
ABC of the shipwrecked - bivouacing
Call of the distance - a book "Eaters of the dead"
About nature - places to go; beech
Misterious Vinland - Vikings in America
Hau kola (Indian craftwork) - a tube for a flag
Masketonituka he (for women) - how to make a deerskin dress
In the tracks of ancient people - shoes of ancient people
Open letter - The League (WLCR) gets its Pipe
Trappers - Roger's Harassers
Not everybody has to travel there - second part of the Big USA travel
Camp cooking - all you can make of elderberries
Camp buildings - bound buildings
Camp doctor - camomille and elder
Prayer on a mountain - little help for those who try to claim the 4M1 deed
Ceremonies - Ceremonial acclaim of deeds and honours
Poetry - Vodnansky: How do your rabbits stamp?
Sitting Bull - 2nd part of article about this great man
For clever heads - rebuses and conundrums not only for children
The Trackers - cartoon's comic
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