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About us » The Buffalo Wind » Vol. 1998
Individual issues


Issue contents:

What I don't like - Tokaheyas thoughts about axes
They wear an Honour band - Buffalo Wind editorial staff
Life in the tribe - what to do in March, April and May
Cycling - bikes and travelling
ABC of the shipwrecked - psychic resistance, safety ...
Call of the distance - introduction
About nature - willow, alder, king-fisher...
Mistake of famous seafarer - Columbus
Hau kola (Indian craftwork) - how to make a Lakota flute
Masketonituka he (for women) - white women dress
In the tracks of ancient people - ancient mode: what did they wear on legs
Trappers - what did they do in winter
Not everybody has to travel there - first part of the Big USA travel
Camp cooking - spring soup and salad herbs
Camp buildings - building a well
Camp doctor - dandelion and nettle
Buffalo wind blows - moving article by E.T.Seton
Ceremonies - courting and wedding ceremonies of the Plain Indians
Poetry - Henry David Thoreau
Sitting Bull - first part of article about this great man
For clever heads - rebuses and conundrums not only for children
The Trackers - cartoon's comic
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